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The garden of Tugnin arose in Campo Ligure in 2011 at the footof the castle, thatoverlooks the town. It's reachable both through the narrow alleys of the old town, and trought the paths that surround the castle.

Result of a long work of a group of friends and strongly wanted by its creator, the sculptor, Gianfranco Timossi. The garden collection the works becoming an open-air museum, where his masterpieces collected and where he still continues to work.

Gianfranco Timossi was born in Campo Ligure in 1936. He lived and worked for years in Rhodes,Greece, which is a island recognized as home of great artists and writers, after that is returned to live and to cultivate his art in Campo Ligure.

 Son of art, he grew up under the spell of the grandfather, who was a craftsman and in whose ols shop he was used to spend whole days, and he learn how to use those ancient tools and the techniques between art and craft.

His passion for wood was born spontaneously and grew within the walls of this laboratory, where its acquired manual skills in creating becomes art.

Each sculpture is made with imagination and oroginality, and the usual classical shapes get special harmony, and strength.